My career development began in 2012, while in high school I joined an environmental organization entitled “Green Peace”. This group was my first taste of environmental policy and how environmental pollution effects the world as a whole.

Later after graduating high school I attended Kentucky State University and studied environmental science. Kentucky State University is a university the specializes in agricultural sciences. Since my freshmen year in college I have been an research assistant. Starting as an research assistant in our Soil Science Department at the university farm, later to the Biology Department where I was trained to be a Lab Technician and also having the opportunity to be apart of studies that were conducted in the lab during the year. Finally in my junior year I developed a interest in GIS systems and geospatial data; I found it interesting to be able to do environmental assessments of a large area and using tools to collect data; for example a drone to collect data to do research. While being trained to a GIS Specialist, I was able to conduct many environmental assessments, including “Identifying Mined Areas in Eastern Kentucky using Remote Sensing, Assessing Water Quality and Landcover Change in the Kentucky River Basin”, Detecting Honeysuckle under Canopy in Forest Areas and a few other projects. I presented my research at conferences around the country both oral and poster presentations. I won first place at the Kentucky Academy of Science in Geography for a oral presentation that I done on “Identifying Unmarked Burial sites at Frankfort Regional Cemetery using Remote sensing and Ground Penetrating Radar and also First place at the “Posters at the Capital” research competition. With my success in doing research for the university, the Director of the Agriculture Department selected me to supervise labs within department. I was responsible to training and recruiting students with an interest in environmental sciences; I assisted in coordinating projects and writing grants for University. I also developed an environmental organization on campus, that was responsible for educating students on environmental health, safety and climate change.

 I am a member of many environmental based organizations including: The National Science Foundation, Kentucky Academy of Science, Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sierra Club and a few others. My professional working experience includes an internship for the Environmental Protection Agency Head Quarters in the Office of Public Engagement. Job duties included getting familiar with executive orders and understanding environmental policy and procedures. I have had the opportunity to meet both the Administrator of the EPA during that time, Ms. Gina McCarthy and also the Director the Science Advisory Board; who both can say that I am a hard worker and detail oriented individual. From there I worked for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition located in Washington, DC; here I was responsible for meeting farmers and agricultural business owners around the country and assist in introducing them to their states politicians on Capital Hill. After working there, I worked at FEMA as a Map Specialist where I was expected to know FEMA Flood Insurance Program and be able to explain the procedures and FEMA Flood maps to citizens. Finally, I landed a position at the US Census Bureau Headquarters, Spatial Data Update Branch. Here I maintained statistical geographies and spatial data in Census GIS systems, Digitized and Reshaped boundaries, roads, features, and analyzing data to enter into Census Data Bases.

In conclusion, looking at the job description I know that I would be a great addition to the team I can bring a lot to the table. I believe that I have what you are looking for in a candidate and I sincerely appreciate your consideration. Thank you.